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Why choose ADD Capital Corp.?

  • Competitive Rates
  • Personal Service
  • We specialize in customized packages for customers with unique financial requirements.
  • ADD Capital can provide one stop shopping for all of your asset financing needs.
  • We welcome inquiries from all types of businesses (small businesses, large established corporations, professionals, home offices and contractors).
  • Quite often our customers are looking for non-bank sources of capital because they use their bank lines to manage growth. Whether its tax friendly financing, or long term capital funding, ADD Capital can provide your business with the financing options needed to meet its short and long term goals.

If it’s an appreciating asset…BUY IT…If it’s a depreciating asset…LEASE IT!

    • Conserve working capital for other uses (accounts receivable or inventory).
    • Match the cost of the asset to its benefits, in the form of monthly payments.
    • Faster write off than purchase or loan.
    • Usually lower after tax cost than purchase or loan.
    • Easier to keep current with technological advances.
    • Depreciation matches useful life.
    • No disposal hassle.
    • Certain key financial ratios can be maintained if equipment is financed off balance sheet through leasing.

Contact our broker desk by phone or Click Here and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

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